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Combining a distinct level of performance with an affordable price offer, Wansa was launched in Kuwait in 1999 to offer a wide range of electronic and electrical products.

Wensa has achieved a high position in the local market in the field of electronics and electrical appliances despite the fierce competition with international brands to become one of the largest brands in Kuwait in the production of TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners and small household appliances. 

At a time of record, Wensa has proven itself as a successful brand and now offers about 1,800 products under its name. Presented in Kuwait, and more recently in Saudi Arabia, Wensat products are manufactured in a group of the largest factories in Asia.

The brand is always offering its customers the latest technology at the best price and highest value. Wensa has never ceased to respect the customer because of the quality of its products and its price fits under the management of Al-Ghanim, one of the biggest names not only in Kuwait but in all other GCC countries. 

In this article we will review some of the most popular products provided by us to show their main specifications.

Be part of the events with the Wansa TV

Be part of the events with the Wansa TV

A 65-inch curved TV screen offers a very immersive experience. The leading Wansa TV offers 2160 pixel quality and is rich in rich colors from black to white to ensure a very pure screen.

Next to the great picture, Wansa TV can connect to the internet and is powered by Android 5.1, enabling it to download and run programs, applications, games and more. 

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It can also be used to transfer movies, videos, and games from a smartphone, tablet or computer and is compatible with all known operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android and Mac. TV is available at KD 279.9.

Air Conditioners

Wansa Air Conditioners
Air Conditioners

Air conditioning is another Wansa product to complement your home’s comfort and make it more comfortable. Keep the atmosphere cool at home or at work all the time, even in the hotter days of the summer using the modern, powerful Wansa air conditioner.

All devices are equipped with carbon fiber to clean the atmosphere and remove its suspended dust, impurities and other pollutants and harmful components. Carbon Fiber also cleanses the atmosphere of pollutants such as fumes and unpleasant odors.

Air conditioners and winches use rotary air compressors to reduce the cooling time of the room. They also encircle the bacteria to ensure that the occupants of the house breathe pure and healthy air free from any damage of 100%. 

Air Conditioners and Wansa are offered in many forms including Jawhara, Standard, Gold or Gold and the existing air conditioning system. These devices vary in price and specifications but offer the same level of sophistication to meet the needs of all types of customers.

Refrigerators and anti-frosts

Wansa anti-frost refrigerators
Refrigerators and anti-frosts

Do not clean the fridge from the ice or clean the shelves every now and then because with refrigerators and wicker equipped with advanced anti-frost effect, you will not find any trace of the glaze or deposits in your refrigerator. 

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Save your time and keep your food longer with refrigerators and waffles. The refrigerator maintains quality and can maintain its health level for a longer period of time than other refrigerators.

Refrigerators, freezers and wans are also environmentally friendly and do not contribute to the greenhouse effect. It is also highly efficient and has silent compression devices to create a calm and wonderful atmosphere in your home.

The refrigerators offer fantastic designs and colors, a double gasket between the doors to close them tightly and prevent cold air from leaking. 

The refrigerator does not consume much electricity thanks to its advanced technology, which prevents frosts and makes them environmentally friendly.

The cooling devices of Wensa come in many shapes. There is a one-door refrigerator, 2-door refrigerator, fridge, freezer, window refrigerator and ice maker, all of which vary in size, price and specifications.

High level washing and drying machines from Wensa

High quality washing and drying machines from Wansa
High level washing and drying machines from Wensa

Smart Wasa washing machines will wash your clothes well and will keep their quality as well. Washing machines with advanced water-conserving technology are water-efficient, energy-efficient and can maintain energy levels to the same level as the last wash. Wasa Washer keeps water and keeps your money as it is environmentally friendly.

Where can you find Wansa products?

Where can I find Wansa products?
Where can you find Wansa products?

If you are looking to buy Marka Wansa products, you can easily find them on the eXite website, which is displayed in all parts of electrical appliances and household appliances.

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You will find each product displayed with a list of all its features in addition to a simplified description and price. If you wish, you can also visit any of the Exite branches in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to find all Wansa products. Ask any of the sales representatives at Exite showrooms to get more information on Wansa and answer all your questions.

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